I offer a variety of different workshops that include writing workshops, plus my knowledge of reproductive health, internalized oppression and transformation:


Our Roots – discussing what a person’s roots are, what makes them grounded in their realities and what stability and security means to them.

We’Moon – a presentation and discussion on the female reproductive system and how women experience the shift of hormones physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Note to Self –  A workshop that is a time of self-evaluation for the individual.  We explore what is going on in the current unfolding of one’s life, what direction they wish to move their life in and where they stand with themselves, their decisions and their plans. Through a series of writing prompts, brief discussion and visualizations, I will take you back to the roots of your personality and heritage and bring you to a magnified view of yourself at the present moment to then lay the foundation for who you want to be.

Who Am I? – This workshop discusses identity and what it means to the individual. It explores what it is, how it is formed and its importance.

Our Selves and Relationships – participants of the workshop reflect on the space of our lives from which we connect with others platonically and intimately, as well as passions and self-expression

Personal Power & Will – discussing the source of our inner power, passion and will, as well as issues and ideas related to personal power

The Muse – a workshop on inspiration and creativity as it manifests in our lives and methods of communication

With Love – a workshop on the topic of love on the platonic, family, friend and romantic level, as well as the topic of self-love

Awake and Alert – a workshop on the subject of what awareness of self means, as well as the source of wisdom and intuition

In Her Image – Natural Hair and Beauty Standards Workshop – This workshop is a discussion on the beauty standards in our cultures, media and society. It is meant to explore the effects of these messages we get in our daily lives on our self-image, as well as views on beauty. The other part to this workshop talks about African hair and the transformation of it in modern times. Discussion will be geared towards expressing participant’s views on the subject matter, as well as gain a basic understanding of the history of African hair.

Decolonizing Our Minds – A lecture and discussion examining what the effects of colonialism has done to Afro-descendant people, the concept of internalized oppression and how it manifests in our lives and communities of marginalized people

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