A multimedia project which blends passion for life with art to celebrate the joy of creation, These Waters Run Deep advocates for optimal health in childbirth, pregnancy, and the postpartum period. This is an effort to raise awareness on a socio-political level on the condition of maternal health, highlighting Diasporic people’s prenatal, postpartum, and infant health. People of color have the highest rate of childbirth-related deaths, with a high mortality rate for infant and childbearing person, poor infant and maternal health postpartum and lack of resources before during and after that would contribute to making more informed decisions on birth and in the course of their reproductive health.

The first featured competent of this project is a 13 belly cast-cycle that  culminates with a gallery show and reception for the completion of the cycle. The belly casts serve as the talking piece. Volunteer expectant individuals give of their time and energy to participate in creating the belly cast. Afterwards, Carmen or an artist is included in the creation of the final product. The theme of the art on the belly cast are various messages on the conditions of birthing as they fall on the spectrum of life and death.

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