Alumbramiento: A Latina Birth Reflection

I love my Abuelita. That’s my pana full right there. She’s the sole reason I’d move to the Dominican Republic for a couple years just to be near her. Like most mothers and daughters, she has an interesting relationship with each of her five daughters, to say the least. I know the most about her relationship with my mother naturally, and it’s funny to me how the challenges they’ve had are the same my mother and I have had. I am constantly stunned by the matrilineal blood line and life, having often been brought to tears when I’ve attended a birth with the birthing woman’s grandmother and mother in the room. There are no words for the moment when three women become mother, grandmother and great grandmother.  It is a special moment regardless of the culture or language it occurs in, but there is something that moves me to the core when it comes to Latinas. (more…)