“My journey into motherhood was unconventional. I came into my marriage, the mother of a 3yr old, traumatized by her biological mother’s negligence. My pregnancy journey brought me in tuned to everything it meant to be a mother. To be selfless, and to constantly be thinking about the life and well-being of somebody other that yourself, a tiny defenseless human. As my love grew for the tiny human inside me, my passion for motherhood and my love for my husband and daughter overflowed. We were all growing, not just the baby inside of me.”


“It’s not about getting through each contraction, it’s about knowing that each contraction brings you closer and closer to meeting your child.”


“I chose a Bradley birthing method of child birth, essentially, without pain relieving drugs, and with my husband as my birth coach. Most said I was nuts, but I was convinced that my mind and body were capable. At the end of it all, I was able to walk her myself down to my room, and she was extremely alert. Eager to see, eager to nurse. She was very calm and alert for hours after birth, and finally took naked skin to skin naps on my chest and on daddy’s chest. It was the most intense and rewarding thing I have ever been through in my life.”

“At 8.5 months, we’re still going strong. When I look into those playful, alert, loving, beady eyes, it is confirmation that all the restless, exhausting sacrifice was worth it. It *IS* worth it. The simple fact that out of my own body I’m able to nourish my baby to her specific needs, an ever-changing supply of Leila-Milk adapting to her body, is miraculous. It is a miracle every time I can nurse her to sleep, for hunger, for comfort, for boredom, for snacks, for thirst, for energy, and for whatever other little reasons she has to want and need mama. It is the most amazing feeling in the world.”

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