veronica and baby girl

“What is motherhood? It’s a reflection of me every time I look at her. Amazed by all she can do and all she has yet to conquer. Motherhood, well it’s knowing that your body created life, it was a shelter and safe heaven for one of God’s most precious gifts. Motherhood is indescribable in words. It’s the love, happiness, fears, pride, and astonishment you feel. It’s knowing that every action you take now affects both of us. Motherhood to me is like a love I have never felt before. A smile that reaches the depths of my soul and reminds me of the love that helped create Olivia Rose!”

*I met Veronica in college and we have remained connect ever since. I am a huge supporter of her journey as a mother, wife and all-around strong fierce woman. I was also able to share the “Greek” life experience with her and was her neighbor for a while in the dorms. I love her so much and hope her blessings continue to roll in!

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