stefa 2

“I’ve spoken to many women who are 100% they don’t want children and I’ve always admired them for making such a big decision in their lives, because if one thing was certain in mine was that I wanted to be a mother someday. I started my motherhood journey about three years ago. My son is two now, but I’ve felt like a mother from the moment I saw the positive pregnancy test, the mornings that I spent talking to the toilet, and the first time I heard his heart beat. Motherhood has given to me the greatest feelings of happiness and fear all at the same time. Motherhood means sacrificing anything willingly for the well being of your child. My son has made me look at the world differently. I feel excited to watch him grow and be able to show him the beauty the world has to offer and explain the pain and suffering that comes with it as well. From the moment my child was born I knew I would do anything and everything to protect him and provide him with a nurturing home. He will always be a part of me just like I always be a part him and I would live my life exactly the same way over and over again if it means I get to meet my same child. Motherhood is love. Motherhood is fear. Motherhood gives everything more meaning in my life!”


*I met Stephanie during my undergraduate career and have stayed in touch with her. She is a part of my forthcoming bellycast project and I’m so proud of her transformation and blossoming mommahood 🙂

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