“To me, the moment you become a mother is the moment you realize that the greatest parts of you, your love, strength, curiosity, everything, has left your body and is now out in the world. It is out in the world for you to keep safe and protect but also for you to show them the beauty that there is. It gives you another chance to see the world how you saw it years ago before society transformed you. There are no words that will truly give motherhood justice. You do everything for your children and there is no why or how…just do!”

*I met my lovely Spring ’04 sanz Patti during my undergraduate career in my “Greek” life travels. Patti is a¬†Captivating Sister of Chi Upsilon Sigma National Latin Sorority, Inc. and I have had the pleasure of enjoying her presence and lightheartedness. Congratulations to her on the new chapter she will be embarking on soon!

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