“Motherhood has taught me that we can forget that we have been designed with an infinite capacity to love, to nurture, to nourish life. Even when we thinks we can’t give anymore, it’s probably because we are using our heads. When we zone out and use our hearts – when we let go, accept, surrender, simplify, and open to a divine purpose, we can channel the infinite through our bodies and spirits.”

* I met Johanna during my time as a doula a couple of years ago. The story of how this wonderful woman came to be a sister friend is one that I replay constantly in my head. It’s one of those serendipitous meetings that would be silly to ignore its importance. I am honored to be a part of her motherhood journey and have her undying support for my midwifery journey. She is doing great things for youth in NYC and I can only hope to continue to watch her family blossom and grow!

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