bubba and amayah

Mommy. Mommmmyyyy! MOOOMMMMYYYY!!! Hearing these words are both a blessing and a curse for me. “Yes, Baby?” or “Mommy’s on vacation” are my most common replies when my broken records, I mean my children, verbally request my attention. I spent most of my twenties wondering what my kids would look like, who would father them, how hearing them call me mommy would sound. Depending on my mood, of course, the echoing sound of my nickname “Mommy” will either put a smile on my face or make me hide in the bathroom.

Those mothers with more than one child under the age of five can probably agree with me on that one. However, in the most non-cliche way, I can’t help but melt when I look into their eyes and touch their soft skin and feel that indescribable emotion that goes way beyond the word “love”. It’s a feeling of accomplishment. Yup, I made that. Yup, that’s mine. I don’t remember what my life felt like before these little creatures took over the space in my tummy, my home and in my heart. I am convinced, as any other mother, that I have the two (soon to be three) most beautiful, interesting, smart and hilarious children on the planet. Like if there was a contest, HANDS DOWN my children would win. That’s what being a Mom feels like, to me.

 *Barbara, known to me as my Little, is my sorority sister. This amazing woman, partner, sister and mother has grown and blossomed in ways I cannot even describe. Love her so so much!

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