On September 1st, I will be initiated into my formal midwifery education.


Let me say that again. I will be starting my hands-on midwifery education as of this coming Sunday. I felt the pangs of my fear rise up a few weeks ago as I stared at the work I had to do and resisted starting it. I sat with myself one night and asked why, and discovered that there was fear and trepidation. So I decided to start breathing and writing about it. It’s normal to feel scared right before your BIGGEST dream in the world is about to manifest. So many feelings but most of all, incredible excitement!

God, I’m so proud of myself. I am so overwhelmed with pride that I got this far. I crossed so many obstacles and healed myself so much that I have gotten to this point. I’ve done so much. I have changed the course of many people’s lives just by sharing and going on my journey. I am so full of gratitude because so many people see my light, the very light I have worked hard to see for myself.

I shine brightly. I want to shine my light for birthing women now. It is my time to dedicate myself to my joy – life. Childbirth. I am fully capable and mature to handle the next 12 months of my life. What a joy flows through me when I think of how soon (so so soon!) a woman’s child will slid into my hands. I have no idea what to expect. That’s okay. I am running straight into my dreams. I am more than ready. I was born to do this.

I will be going ghost for a year. I will have less access to the wonderful internet and as much as I want to share my life with all of you, I will have to put that on the back burner. Please though, email me. Drop me a line to see how I’m doing. Give me a call. Send me a text. Your faith in me inspires me to keep going.

I love all of you. Every single one of you. I am going to be licensed as a midwife because when I look at you, I know that I could have been the one to catch you in some alternate universe. And if I can add to a person like you being wrapped in love, then let this love I have for humanity keep pushing me.

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