In order for me to be free, I must let go of fear. To be free to be myself completely. I must stop holding back out of fear of making others angry. In order for me to be free, I must be honest with my emotions. Love myself for being so sensitive. I thought of the guilt, shame and disconnect I have, and to free myself of it is to embrace myself as a child, that sensitive child, that sensitive woman with delicate emotions. Sentimental. Always so sentimental. I love that about me. My heart is so pure.

In order for me to be free, I must stop being ashamed to tell my story. I have to let go of doubt to fully trust the divine plan as it unfolds. To be free, I must surrender the struggle and let the thoughts wash over me, trusting that there is still more to discover in the depths of my emotions. I am finding more of the abyss of what my soul is telling me about the unlocked doors of my healing. Of loving others in a more open and honest way. Of approving of myself and life choices. I must trust in where the Orishas are taking me. To be freedom, to experience liberacion, I must know and see myself emanating light. Fearlessly be bold as who I am, a woman. A fierce woman. A strong woman who knows her worth.

Letting go of past mistakes and perception of what others think of me would give me so much freedom. I must let go of thinking I am tainted, and remind that little girl she is pure. In order to be free I must loosen the reigns of my mind and soul. I must continue to let go of anxiety. In order to be free, I must believe in myself. Love myself. All the parts. The shadow. Embrace my negative and positive. Be proud of myself. Acknowledge my growth and blossoming. So much cultivation and blessings in a year. My nervous breakdown was a blessing – a huge one. The choices I’ve made. My bravery. The stripping away of what is not needed to be a Queen. Crowned. The new journey of the next 7 year cycle and beyond into the next phase of my life. A spiritually dedicated and centered life to finding and expressing Beauty. Of being Beauty. Of seeing and bringing forth Beauty in all.

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