All praises due for this auspicious moment in your life! I string garlands of lotus blossoms, lay fresh white sheets as your receiving blanket and pour libations so that the ancestors may be properly welcomed for this event. Your rose petal bath has been drawn, the water sweeten with honey and perfumes. I have laid out the finest jewels, bracelets and rings to adorn you. Your dress will fit you like a glove. Your throne has been polished and prepared to receive you.

Dear Sister: I have been waiting for you patiently. It is an honor to crown a Queen.

You are so brave, my sister. Death is never easy to face. You were thrown into this descent knowing you would never be the same again. Uprooted from the familiar, the journey to the birth canal is wrought with fear and confusion. Surrender becomes your best friend. You’ve been called to dig deep and find your light. You found the power to let go of that former girl that no longer is. This moment is centuries in the making. There are forces in the world that wish you would stay dead. Woman after woman has been sacrificed and held down, while those that came before us prayed that someone as brave as you would break this cycle.

There was so much to release. So much to give up. Your old self-image. The friends that were never friends. The job that drained your life force. Your obsession with your sadness. The search for love in all the wrong places. It was so hard for you to become a woman after only being someone’s daughter. Those childish things had to end. You had to forgive so many, but most importantly, yourself. You had to let go. Stretched and pulled beyond your comfort, you were so scared for what you’ve been asked to perform.

Sister, the worst is over; enjoy the best of your self! It takes courage to commit to your path. In this world consumed by fear, it was so easy for you to forget who you are. There were so many dark years in which you stumbled and fell hard for everything that seemed like salvation. Forgive yourself, love. Everything has happened in perfect timing. This moment is what we call, the “rest and be thankful” phase. You’ve labored beautifully through all your trials, and now you are ready to listen to your body and give your light.

To be born is to make peace with death. I couldn’t be more proud of you. You knew the life you were living had to end to make room for the life you’ve dreamed of. Now is your moment to experience the ecstasy of freedom. We have all been patiently waiting for you to arrive. I knew it was just a matter of time. You transitioned. You gave it all up. You took responsibility for your life and decided to claim it. Go! Pursue your dreams now! Awaken to your full empowered self! A butterfly forcefully breaking the chrysalis. Come forth goddess!

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