These Waters Run Deep is a multimedia journey into the lives and struggle of Afro-descendant women. Using reproductive and maternal health as a lens, These Waters Run Deep artfully weaves narratives that highlight the socio-political landscape by through which women have learned to endure for generations. It is an advocacy project raising awareness on the condition of women’s holistic & maternal health, highlighting Afro-descendant women’s experience. It is a sharing of stories and art to celebrate the joy of creation and shed light on the death consuming our communities, with the implication of imagining the possibility of transformation.

I am writing to ask for pregnant mothers for the art installation part of this project.The goal is to use pregnant belly casts as the canvas for local artists to paint with the theme of life and death, and everything in between. For this call, I will be working on the belly casts between February 15th and 19th. Volunteer expectant mothers must be 35 weeks at the minimum and residing in one of the 5 New York City boroughs and Jersey City. There is a brief interview and application. For more details and information, please contact me at

Photo album of the belly casts in progress:


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