Mujer Negra: Evolution is the continuation of my first book.  In October 2009, I published Hija De Mi Madre (My Mother’s Daughter), which is a combination of memoirs, poems and research material that explains the effects of race on identity from an academic standpoint. I share my personal story as a living example.

Mujer Negra: Evolution is a journey of transcendence, in which the importance of defining the experience of Afro-descendent women across the world is brought to life using my personal narrative. I use my experiences to aid in contextualizing the contemporary Afro-descendant woman’s reality in modern day society, interweaving historical precedence to ground our story in an interconnected web. The book explores how the trauma of the African enslavement has carried onto present generations of women living the legacy of oppression and self-hatred created by white supremacist patriarchal and capitalist ideologies.  This book is geared towards Afro-descendant women and their holistic health and well-being, primarily because the disparities in the healthcare system not only affect us the most but are also lacking in understanding all the factors that contribute to the statistics.  The intention is to contextualize the experience of Afro-Latinas and other Afro-descendant women and shed light on how their diverse lives are impacted by the forces of oppression in the world.

Status: Currently being written.

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