Yesterday, a horrible event happened in the psyche of America as a dark day that will remain forever etched in our hearts and minds. In Newton, Connecticut, children and their adult teachers and staff were killed in a senseless act of violence by unstable men. This tragedy has rippled and reverberated deep in all of us. We are questioning the safety of our children. We are holding them tighter, wondering what is this world we live in. We have realized that this world has very real danger. That it does not exist in inner city communities and in other countries as though it was something that could not touch us, and here it is in our backyard. It has shaken us.

As I meditate and pray about the situation locally and also on a global level, this is but a small window into the tragedy that surrounds the American people. We are oblivious to the amount of death and destruction our government and other world powers are perpetuating. We are blind to how this violence lives in our homes, in our communities, in our beds. I have chosen not to engage in conversation about gun control. I want to ask the bigger questions. Why are there so many guns? Why do we have so many militaries in the world opening fire on innocent bodies? Why is it that only 20 countries in the world have zero to limited armed forces, and the United States is leading with over a million enlisted? Why have we normalized violence? Why is child abuse, sexual assault and domestic violence still a grave problem? What about institutionalized violence and dissonance? The taboo on subjects like mental health, holistic wellness and how that is killing us slowly? Why has the violence done to those deemed weak and powerless gone on unchallenged? What has happened to us as a human family that we are this deeply ill and disconnected from the source? What is hurt within us that we lash out at each other this way? How did we lose touch with each other and ourselves?

We need to talk about the roots, for what we are seeking (solutions) will not be found among the branches. The details, statistics, death tolls and numbers become trivial when they make us argue about what is more important to talk about and compartmentalize the issue into smaller issues. Let us use this tragedy to reflect on the gravity of the violence that happens daily in our communities and in our world. We must get back in touch with each other and ourselves. Let us speak of healing and solutions. It is time to shift this cycle of trauma and violence in our world.


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