When agreeing to do the work of the Universe, the ego is often challenged to see beyond its supposed limitation. We are called to yield our need to control the journey and give up our perception of the destination for what is possible. Doing visionary work in Ayiti asked me to surrender to the process from the start. What I came away with from the lesson in surrender to spirit is the knowledge of the roles faith & trust have in my current submission to divine intercession.

I was all ready to transfer my bellycast making skills to mask-making when I got the feeling I should check my suitcase for the plaster I would need. It had been taken out of my bag, probably by TSA at the airport. What I thought I had come to do was shifting. Before I left NYC, I had shared that I was also a birth doula and level 1 reiki practioner. Naima partnered me with Hyacinth, a womyn from Cormier who had delivered 4 children in homebirths and was interested in educating on womyn’s health and childbirth. I had been placed in the mental wellness clinic in the mornings to offer my reiki service. What I actually did while I was in Ayiti is massaged folks for immediate relief, most of which were womyn and a couple of pregnant womyn, and referred them to Dr. Roberta, Madame Wilner & Pastor for plant medicine.

Sometimes, when things don’t go according to our plan, there is a resistance to the flow. I had gone on the delegation with the intention of being open to what the experience was going to be. I was fortunate to be with a group of folks who understood surrender in our collective work. In surrendering to focusing on hands-on intuitive healing, I feel present to my commitment as a spiritual worker in the world. As a group, I felt we were all present to giving and receiving with our co-facilitators in Cormier and surrendered to the flow.

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