I have been invited to join Ayiti Resurrect’s 2nd delegation to Haiti. Ayiti Resurrect is a team of visionary artists, community builders, mental health specialists, and holistic healers with bloodlines in Haiti and the African Diaspora, working in collaboration with local Haitian organizations, to help address the psychological and spiritual healing of the survivors of the January 12, 2010 earthquake in Haiti. I will be facilitating an art therapy workshop featuring my skill of body casting to work with participants on creating and expressing themselves via this medium. This is a new chapter for These Waters Run Deep, my multimedia project and doula service, as I embark on a new leg of my journey to use my art to promote healing. Additionally, I will be collaborating with Dayanara Marte of In Bold Rebirth as we bring Casa Atabex Ache’s model for emotional release work to Haiti and offer training to womyn there so that they may gain more tools to facilitate their own healing.

These Waters Run Deep will then go on to give birth to “Dar Luz”, a video blog in which I will be collecting the birth stories of womyn of color intergenerationally. “Dar Luz” in Spanish means to “give light”; it is the term used for giving birth. As a womyn of Dominican descent, it is vitally important that I capture the stories of womyn that speak Spanish. It is my honor to return back to the Dominican Republic after 15 years to sit with the elder of my living elders – my maternal grandmother – and capture her story in our homeland. In the time spent in D.R, I will collect the stories of as many womyn as I can interview. This will be the first of many trips to give womyn of color across the globe their voice to speak as the mothers and nurturers of this world.

I am asking for assistance from my community to raise $5,000. The money raised in this effort will be used to fund my travels to and within Haiti and the Dominican Republic, healing supplies, art supplies, video recording equipment, food and lodging. Join me in sharing the stories of our womyn and promoting their healing!

My IndieGoGo site: www.indiegogo.com/thesewatersrundeepcarmenmojica

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