It is so easy to lose one’s sense of self in this world. With all the pressures and demands put on us by work, friends, family and society, there is often little time available to reflect. To reflect on who we’ve been, who we are and who we wish to become. To check in with ourselves about where we are shifting and what is still not budging.


Note to Self” is the pause button on the fast track of our lives. A workshop that is a time of self-evaluation for the individual.  We explore what is going on in the current unfolding of one’s life, what direction they wish to move their life in and where they stand with themselves, their decisions and their plans. Through a series of writing prompts, brief discussion and visualizations, Carmen will take you back to the roots of your personality and heritage and bring you to a magnified view of yourself at the present moment to then lay the foundation for who you want to be.



The capacity is at 10 participants.

Date: August 14, 2011

Times: 12pm to 4pm

Location: Casa Atabex Ache

471 East 140st Street, Garden Level

Bronx, NY 10454

(718) 585-5540


Cost: $120 includes a journal, 4 hours of facilitated and guided writing expression and nourishment. Register by August 5th. Two scholarships are available, inquire for more details. To reserve your spot, email Carmen at




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